July 24, 2017: New Album Out Now
On saturday, July 22, we had a great party at the Ballonfabrik supported by Demons Dream and Ravenfield, who jumped in for Nator, who unfortunately had to cancel the gig due to sickness. Check out the new album on bandcamp!

May 30, 2017: Album Release
The recordings for our upcoming album are finished and we are proud to present the first song, Moral Hazard. Also, we have already planned a release party for saturday, July 22. Nator and Demons Dream will party heavily with us in the Ballonfabrik in Augsburg. Only 6€ for three great bands!

Mar. 30, 2017: Upcoming Concerts
In April we will play two concerts. Together with Steel Messiah, Reverend Hound, and Demons Dream we will rock the Schlicker in Heuchlingen on Saturday, April 8. In addition we will play on the Walpurgis-Metal-Night at Brandner Kaspar in Unterwittelsbach on April 30 with Endless Curse and Mynded organized by the Metal Maniacs Schrobenhausen. The next day is a holiday, so there are no excuses. Stay heavy!

Nov. 11, 2016: Pictures, New Album in 2017
Check out the pics section for pictures of our recent gig in the Matrix, Königsbrunn. This concert was the last one in the year 2016 as we started to work on our second album. The tracklist is almost finished and we will soon start to record. More information will come soon. Stay heavy!

Aug. 8, 2016: Metal United Festival
What a weekend! The Metal United Festival was awesome and we enjoyed it very much to be part of this great festival. Thanks to everybody who supported us, you've been an amazing crowd! A special thank goes out to the organisers of the first (and hopefully not last) Metal United Festival.

July 8, 2016: Concert in Regensburg, New T-shirts
Just one more month until we play at the Metal United Festival in Regensburg. For us it's a great pleasure to play at this festival, the biggest metal festival Regensburg ever had. Check out their homepage and all the other great bands:

Metal United Festival Regensburg

And we have some new T-shirts to sell. Only 12€ and you can call one shirt of your own. We hope you like them.

May 9, 2016: Concert in Schwabmünchen
Check out Nator. We are looking forward to playing together with them on May 21 at the U_Turn in Schwabmünchen.

Apr. 10, 2016: Upcoming Concerts
We are proud to announce some already confirmed gigs this year. First, we will play at the Circus in Augsburg together with Ruins are my Evidence on Wednesday, April 20. On Saturday, May 21, we're gonna destroy the U_Turn in Schwabmünchen. The support will be announced shortly. Then, we are confirmed for the Metal United Festival in Regensburg/Obertraubling. Two days of pure Heavy Metal on August 5 and 6. Last but not least, we are going to support Cedric on September 17 at the Matrix in Königsbrunn.

Dec. 1, 2015: Concert in Frankfurt
We will play in Frankfurt on Sa. Dec. 6 together with our friends from Different Me.The location is the Dreikönigskeller and the gig starts at 9 pm. See you there!

July 23, 2015: ÆONS: Out now!
Thank you very much for supporting us on our album release party on last saturday. It was a great evening! We also like to thank the other bands, Different Me and Sleeping Tree for supporting us, as well as Jakob for engeneering the sound and taking pictures, Claus for taking pictures (CTR-Fotografie), and of course our helpers behind the bar, at the entrance and at our merchandise stand.

If you are interested in purchasing our album or some merchandise just contact us.
Here's a price list:

Album (CD): 6.00€
Album (digital): 4.00€
T-Shirt: 6.00€
Album (CD) + T-Shirt: 10.00€
Buttons: 0.50€

July 3, 2015: Wagenplatzfest & Album-Release
Here you can take a look at the Flyers for the Wagenplatz-open-air and for our album release-party. Note the venue of the Wagenplatz-open-air, Derchinger Str. 202a, 86165 Lechhausen.

July 1, 2015: Wagenplatzfest
One week before our album release party (Sa. July 18, Ballonfabrik) we will play at the Wagenplatz-open-air in Augsburg-Lechhausen. If you come round you may hear a nice classic played by us as well as a small foretaste of our upcoming release.

May 21, 2015: Upcoming CD-Release
We are making very good progress on the record for our upcoming release. It will be our first regular release, all done in a DIY way. The name of the record is "ÆONS" and the album itself is a concept album about various decades of mankind. Take a look at the RELEASES section for the tracklist. You may also keep in mind July the 18th, the date of our CD release party, which will take place in the Ballonfabrik. We are very looking forward to presenting our album there and we count on your support.

May 21, 2015: New Hompage
We are proud to present our new homepage. Here, we will inform you about upcoming concerts, recent developments within the band and other band related stuff. Feel free to take a look around and we hope that you enjoy our internet presence.