Vocals: Devils Fairy Roar (Mascha)
Guitar: Butschi (Sebastian)
Guitar: Amboss (Armin)
Drums: Animal (Dommi)
Bass: Rolling Thunder (André)

The Band was formed on Dec. 31, 2010 by Dommi (Animal) and Sebastian (Butschi), who have already played together in a punk band named The Assault for several years. A few months later, Armin (Amboss) joined the band after the split of his former band Diarrhoe. After a while we noticed that we were stil missing a bass-guitar. In summer 2011 André (Rolling Thunder) was looking for a band to play in and although he usually played guitar in his former bands (Löfgren, Multiplex Johnson) he decided to give it a try, giving the band its full sound. After two years with Butschi on the microphone he wanted to concentrate more on his guitar and that's when Mascha (Devils Fairy Roar) joined the band giving us the final touch. Since then, the band evolved and worked on their first record "ÆONS", which was released in July 2015. More to come!